Both Diagrams represent
the SAME sized donor area
and have
the SAME number of hairs.

WHICH ONE gives you more hair??

4 Grafts
16 Grafts

Both have the same amount of hair!

The same amount of donor tissue
can be separated into Multiple Folicular Unit Grafts (4-8 hairs)
or SMALL grafts (1-3 hairs)

So you do not need to pay MORE MONEY
for MORE GRAFTS to get the same amount of hair which robs you of your natural density!

What DENSITY are you getting? Is the Doctor giving you less hair density for more money? Will you need MORE procedures to get the look you want?

At Great Hair Transplants you will know exactly how much hair desity (number of hairs) you are getting before the procedure and you can be confident that Dr. Bolton will give you the best natural looking result possible.