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Hair Transplant for Edwardsville, Alabama

Edwardsville, Alabama located in Cleburne County has been working towards being a model for renewable energy. Now Edwardsville, Alabama can be a model for the hair industry thanks to Dr. Brett Bolton, the industry’s “magic man” who is now offering his services to the citizens in Edwardsville. If you are a resident of Edwardsville, Alabama and have been suffering from hair loss, you don’t have to suffer any longer. Dr. Brett Bolton and his staff know that when it comes to hair restoration that results are key, and with Dr. Brett Bolton results are what you get when you get a hair transplant.

Hair Implants for Fruithurst , Alabama

If you are a resident of Fruithurst, Alabama located in Cleburne County and have been suffering from hair loss, the good news is you don’t have to suffer any longer. Dr. Brett Bolton, founder and medical director of is now offering his services to the people of Fruithurst. Dr. Brett Bolton, the industry’s “magic man” and his revolutionary MaxHarvest procedure gives the patient natural looking hair with optimal density. Dr. Brett Bolton and his staff know that when it comes to hair restoration that results are key. Dr. Brett Bolton’s goal is to restore hair for every citizen of Fruithurst that has long suffered with hair loss.

Hair Surgery for Heflin , Alabama

Heflin, Alabama residents who reside in Cleburne County and have a history of hair loss can now get their hair and confidence back now that Dr. Brett Bolton, the founder and Medical Director of is offering his services there. While genetics is the number one factor in hair loss, it no longer means you have to stay bald. Dr. Bolton can give the residents of Heflin, Alabama a natural looking hairline with optimal density. So, if you live in Heflin, Alabama the time to get a hair restoration procedure with Dr. Brett Bolton is now!

Hair Restoration for Ranburne, Alabama

If you are one of the 60 million men and women suffering from hair loss and live in Randburne, Alabama in Cleburne County, there is no need to suffer any longer. Dr. Brett Bolton, founder and medical director of and his highly skilled staff are now offering the residents of Ranburne, Alabama a chance to get their hair back with his signature MaxHarvest procedure. Dr. Brett Bolton, the hair industry’s “magic man” can restore natural looking hair that is undetectable to the citizens of Ranburne, Alabama. So, if you are a resident of Randburne, Alabama you can get your hair and confidence back!

Hair Transplant for Hollis Crossroads , Alabama

Hollis Crossroads, Alabama located in Cleburne County has prided itself on being a quiet community in Alabama. However, if you are a citizen of this quaint community known as Hollis Crossroads, Alabama and have thinning hair or a bald spot you can get a hair restoration procedure with Dr. Brett Bolton, the founder and medical director of Dr. Brett Bolton is now offering the residents of Hollis Crossroads access to his signature MaxHarvest procedure that gives the patient natural looking hair with optimal density! When it comes to results Dr. Brett Bolton and his staff know that results are everything and with Dr. Brett Bolton, results are just what the people of Hollis Crossroads will get!

Hair Implants for Micaville , Alabama

Residents of Micaville, Alabama in Cleburne County who have been suffering from hair loss or balding, no longer have to work at hiding their thinning hair. Dr. Brett Bolton, founder and medical director of is now offering his revolutionary MaxHarvest procedure to the citizens of Micaville, Alabama. Dr. Brett Bolton, the industry’s “Magic Man” can do amazing things for hair loss and now he is offering his specialty services to the people living in Micaville, Alabama dealing with hair loss. So, if you are living with hair loss, there is no reason to any longer, get a hair restoration procedure from Dr. Brett Bolton and get your hair and confidence back!

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  •  Review
    Apr 21, 2022
    Chris Reviews
     google Review
    I was apprehensive going into this but I’m glad I did it! I live in CT near New York City and there are a few places in NYC with good reputations that I had looked into for hair restoration but in the end it was Dr. Bolton that I chose. I had to travel to get the procedure done but I’m completely thrilled with results. Dr. Bolton is great! He...
  •  Review
    Apr 8, 2022
    Nick Reviews
     google Review
    Great experience and results! Dr. Bolton and staff are amazing! If you are thinking about getting a hair transplant don’t go anywhere else. Dr. Bolton will give honest expectations and outstanding results. His whole team is great and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I have had a procedure with Bosley and Dr. Bolton blew them away with the...
  •  Review
    Mar 30, 2022
    Dan Reviews
    Healthgrades Review
    My experience with Dr. Bolton and his staff was excellent. I initially had contact with Mike Anticoli who answered many questions I had about my condition and the possible treatment options. Mike was great from start to even today, months after treatment. They both did follow up calls to me after the procedure. Mike was in contact with me daily...
  •  Review
    Mar 23, 2022
    More Reviews
     google Review
    So far, so good! Had my hair transplant last October. Been in contact with Josh, Dr. Bolton’s correspondent, since day 1. Can’t recommend either of them highly enough. I’m currently only at 5 months but my hairline has already dramatically improved and I’m seeing lots of new hairs popping up. I’ll keep everyone updated as the months progress. I’...
  •  Review
    Mar 23, 2022
    AJ Reviews
     google Review
    I had a Max harvest plus procedure with Dr Bolton in October 2020. I had anxiety about the strip being taken out before the procedure, but I can confirm that it does not hurt whatsoever. Dr. B is highly skilled with the scalpel and uses a perfect amount of local anesthetic so there is no discomfort at all when the strip is being taken out. Dr B...
  •  Review
    Mar 21, 2022
    Dio Reviews
     google Review
    First let me start off by saying getting a hair transplant is not something anyone should be ashamed of male or female. This like any cosmetic surgery is to help with your self esteem and at the end of the day that's all that matters not someone else's opinion. When you do decide to go on that adventure, please do your research and consider Dr....
  •  Review
    Mar 21, 2022
    Carlos Reviews
     google Review
    My experience with Dr. Bolton and his staff second to none…. If you’re thinking of doing what I did and you’re on the fence about it get off the fence I’ve done all the legwork for you go see Dr. Bolton he’s going to change your life like he changed mine… exceeded all my expectations ..he’s staff is very professional you are there for the day and...
  •  Review
    Mar 17, 2022
    Ralph Reviews
     google Review
    I flew from Montreal (Canada) to have the surgery. Let me tell you that the service was excellent and the surgery went extremely well. The surgery occurred on May first of 2019 (approx. 6000 hairs to lower my hair line). I will post pictures in six months. I've had an excellent service from the whole team. Dr. Bolton and josh gave me their personal...
  •  Review
    Mar 6, 2022
    J Reviews
    Healthgrades Review
    There are no words to describe the results. They are absolutely amazing. Many people were sceptical of hair transplants and the results they could achieve. Several years ago, I had a FUE transplant (not recommended) done somewhere else and didn't get the results I wanted. So, of course, I was even more sceptical than people who had never had a...
  •  Review
    Feb 14, 2022
    Mace Reviews
    Healthgrades Review
    I had a hair transplant with Bosley in New Orleans four years before. As you can see from the before pictures, it was a flop. I had significantly less hair after a year than I did before the procedure. My hairstylist recommended Dr. Bolton and gave me a glowing recommendation last year. I took a chance, booked a flight to Fort Lauderdale, and...
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