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"Dear potential or existing patient, please note that there are variances with everybody. Results are based on you. In most cases final results will not be seen until 12-18 months following the date of your procedure. For example, if you see an example of early results at 4 months here on our website that does not mean you will have the same outcome. Remember everybody is different. I look forward to meeting you in person." ~ Dr. Brett Bolton

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See for yourself. You won't get this result anywhere else.*

Testimonial Videos

Dr Brett Bolton Patient Mark MaxHarvest™ Plus

Testimonial Videos

Dr Brett Bolton Patient Mark MaxHarvest™ Plus

Testimonial Videos

Dr. Brett Bolton Patient Mike, another Failed FUE Correction MaxHarvest™ Plus

Testimonial Videos

Dr. Brett Bolton Patient Chris Botched Job Corrected Failed FUE / ARTAS Procedure

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MaxHarvest™ - That's What.
Get DOUBLE the hair of FUE or FUT
with no detectable scar.


All these patients look fabulous. They are each at different stages of hair growth but everyone is already experiencing the life changing effects of just one MaxHarvest procedure. More hair in one procedure than anywhere else with no visible scar: YOU WON'T GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE. That's the MaxHarvest method!

Dr Brett Bolton Patient Photos  - Tom
Hair Transplant Before After Photos - Tom
Dr Brett Bolton Patient Testimonial Photos - Tom
Patients Before After Photos - Tom


1 yr

Dr Brett Bolton Patient Photos  - Eleanor
Hair Transplant Before After Photos - Eleanor
Dr Brett Bolton Patient Testimonial Photos - Eleanor
Patients Before After Photos - Eleanor


1 yr

Dr Brett Bolton Patient Photos  - Edgar
Hair Transplant Before After Photos - Edgar
Dr Brett Bolton Patient Testimonial Photos - Edgar
Patients Before After Photos - Edgar


1 yr

Dr Brett Bolton Patient Photos  - Eric
Hair Transplant Before After Photos - Eric
Dr Brett Bolton Patient Testimonial Photos - Eric
Patients Before After Photos - Eric


1 yr

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FUE Correction Specialist

Repairing FUE Cases Daily From Around The World!

If you are considering a FUE procedure please beware! Approximately, 75% of the work that I do is corrective hair surgery on FUE patients from around the world. If you don’t take my advice, don’t worry, get your FUE. Once you have your results and you lack density, artistry and coverage come see us for correction! Click here for FUE Correction

Watch this short two minute video if you are seeking a FUE.

Dr. Brett Bolton revolutionary hair transplant Is the most watched hair transplant video in the history of YouTube.

This video currently has over 13 million views!

Lost A Lot of Hair? Get More Hair Then Anywhere Else! Nobody Moves More Hair Than US!

Most hair ever moved during a single hair transplant 16000 hairs
( 80 centimeters squared)
Click here to View more

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From the Beginning through 1 year later!

Did you ever wonder how you'll look 10 days after hair implant surgery? How about 2 weeks or 3 months? Watch these videos that follow the patient before the surgery all the way to the 1 year mark! Our timeline videos set us apart because you get to see it all from beginning to end!

Timeline Videos

Jeff's Timeline

Faqs Videos

What Happens During a Hair Transplant?

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Are you concerned
about scarring?

Click to see our newest videos hot off the press. You can also visit Youtube and subscribe to our video channel.

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Are you thinking about
getting an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)?

Potential patients are seeking what they believe is the newest and best procedure and are getting fooled.

Click her to learn about FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Are you interested in
moving 12000 hairs?

Are MaxHarvest™ Plus procedure is moving more hair then ever before.

Click here to find out about the MaxHarvest™ Plus procedure

Do you like to
watch our Videos?

Click to see our newest videos hot off the press. You can also visit Youtube and subscribe to our video channel.

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Would you like to see a
sampling of killer hairlines?

Because of our unique MaxHarvest technique these patients enjoy the hairline they had many years ago.

Click Here for Killer Hairlines

Do you want to know the
secret of a good Hair Transplant?

There is a reason why all our patients get more hair and better natural looking results in just 1 procedure. Click to find out why!

Why are we different?

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Does It Make Sense To Travel For a Hair Transplant? what about this

The Answer is Yes! If you Want the Very Best Results.

Get the MOST Hair in ONE hair implants procedure! Don’t allow distance to stop you from getting the best hair procedure available. We offer a great travel discount.

The MaxHarvest hair transplants technique is a simple outpatient procedure that can easily be done for patients everywhere. We currently have patients in all the designated states.

If you’re not a patient yet, please allow us to add you to our Great Hair Transplants family of satisfied patients!

Patients Travel From All Over the Country and Even The World For A
Great Hair Transplants Procedure!

Alaska | Aruba | Bahamas | Brazil | Canada | Cayman Islands | China | Columbia | CDenmark | England | France | Guatemala | Hawaii | Hong Kong | Malta Norway | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Sweden | Tobago Trinidad | Venezuela

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Dr. Brett Bolton Appears on Good Morning America

Good Morning America asked Dr. Brett Bolton to share his expertise as a hair transplant surgeon on a story about Back Street Boy A.J. McLean! Hair transplants are life changing especially Great Hair Transplants MaxHarvest procedure!

The MaxHarvest™ Advantage:

  • No Detectable Scar*!
  • Double the Density*!
  • Less Surgery Time!
  • Exclusive Patient Privilege
  • Unparalleled Natural Results!

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* All MaxHarvest™ Claims are backed up with hundreds of updated videos and photos available on our website.

MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant is a specialized hair restoration surgery developed by Dr. Brett Bolton which incorporates a distinctive harvesting technique that safely extracts the maximum number of hairs possible based on the individual’s scalp elasticity and donor area condition.

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Dr. Bolton is a Hair Surgeon

Dr. Brett Bolton is sought after by celebrities, grammy winners, Oscar winners, and politicians!

With an office in Fort Lauderdale we’re just minutes away from South Florida’s major hot spots. For those out-of-towners, I am the Miami hair restoration specialist you’ve been looking for. I have only been trained in hair surgery. It is all I do, and it is all that my staff does. I have been doing procedures for over 20 years. I have performed thousands of surgeries and I have nothing but happy patients. I fully stand behind my work and I guarantee a successful outcome!

FUE* / Robotic Hair Transplants: Available at Great Hair Transplants!

Are you looking for FUE or the latest Robotic Hair Transplant? Please call our office to speak to one of our patient advisors about follicular unit extraction.

*find out if you’re a candidate today! Please note: Bolton Bundles and MaxHarvest are not available with FUE/Robotic procedure

Is a Hair Transplant Like a Pizza?

Click here to find out why a hair transplant can be very similar to a pizza.

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This Hair Transplant is a Game Changer
"If it looks completely natural, and boosts density by two to three times, why wouldn't I use ALL my options to give patients the best possible result? ~ Dr. Brett Bolton"
Hair Transplant Pioneer, Dr Brett Bolton

Dr. Brett Bolton began his formal education at Michigan State University and then earned his doctorate at Des Moines University. A bit of fate and a family vacation to South Florida as a young boy inspired him to choose Palmetto General Hospital in sunny Hialeah, Florida as the location of his postgraduate training.

It was 1997 when he began his hair transplant career in Nashville, Tennessee. Because the art of hair transplantation was still being defined, every doctor seemed to have a different methodology. He scrutinized these techniques in order to define his own approach. His desire was simple. He wanted to help people in a significant way to get the best possible life changing results in fewer surgeries at a lower cost. That is when he deviated from main stream hair transplantation and blazed a new trail developing an unparalleled technique called the MaxHarvest hair transplant.

Today he runs two state of the art hair transplant facilities; one in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee and the other in the warm beachfront community of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The devotion and loyalty of his skilled staff is unprecedented and both practices continue to flourish due to referrals from devoted satisfied patients. Although he’d be the last to point it out, Dr. Bolton’s continued generosity, humanitarianism and commitment to helping people both medically and practically is noteworthy. He enjoys caring for hair transplant patients here in the United States and around the world.

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